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Spring 2016

Whats happening in pest control now?  After the long winter, many species of insects begin to raise their families and  often enter your home:

1.  Ants are our #1 pest in the spring: Carpenter ants and other small ants Small ants include: the  odorous house ants, crazy ants, pavement ants, Asian needle ants, acrobat ants and many other species that exist in RI.  ANTS  are the most commonly recognized insect in the world and very prevalent in RI.

2.  Wildlife  are also abundant in South County in the spring.


Squirells Roof Access

Year-round rodents search out warm places to call their homes and sometimes even to expand their families (yes, that means babies!) and nobody wants a tenant that doesn’t pay rent!
Make sure that your home is properly sealed to keep those rodents outside.  They are pretty smart mammals and if there is the tiniest opening they will do their best to gnaw their way in!  This can result in costly damage to your home.
Make sure you take preventative measures  to keep those pesky rodents outside and not in your house!

We are licensed wildlife trappers and can safely remove animals from your home.  There are many species that are looking for a warm place to have their young.  Raccoons, Squirrels, Skunks, Possums, Woodchucks, and others.

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2.Bed Bug Inspection and Monitor Placement

Includes:Inspection of home to detect bedbugs, 2,000 sq feet

Bed bugs have invaded the US.   Customers may pick them up traveling, purchasing consignment furniture or clothing, riding the bus to work, or even in the classroom or movie theatre.   Bed bugs are not a sign of filth, in fact more affluent individuals find them when they travel frequently.  Let Narragansett Pest inspect your home, business and leave behind a monitor that works 24/7.

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Welcome to Narragansett Pest Control

Narragansett Pest Control is a family run business that specializes in customer care and satisfaction.

For more than 40 years our safe IPM techniques, environmentally safe products, and services have protected Rhode Island families and property from the destruction of nuisance pests. Take a look at our services.

We Know South County

All pests are local! In our 40 years serving South County, we can save you time and money because we know the area. Don’t think national services can beat our local expertise!

Why We Are Different

Not only do we know South County, we actively recommend pest removal and avoidance practices that are in harmony with nature- not working against it. Our customers can feel the difference and so will you.

Our Expertise

We have a unique set of skills, experience, and expertise that make us the best choice for pest control services in Rhode Island.

  • Family Owned and Managed for over 40 years
  • Established business which means we are here when you need us
  • Store front in town, when you have a problem you talk to us directly
  • Licensed and Insured for your protection
  • RI,CT and MA Departments of Environmental Management Certified Business
  • RI Department of Fish and WIldlife Certified Business for Wildlife Control
  • RI Invasive Plant Management Certified
  • RI Registered Contractor
  • RI School IPM Specialist

In addition to our certifications we teach classes in Pest Management for local schools. We are members of the New England and National Pest Control Associations so we keep updated on lasted pest issues and control strategies. We love what we do and it shows in our work. Our mission is to provide professional control of pest problems in southern Rhode Island however, we also travel for consultation on pest management issues worldwide.