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Spring 2015 Specials

1. Carpenter Ant Removal and Prevention

Includes:Inspection of home to detect carpenter ant invasion

Carpenter Ants are native insects that live in wood.  They cannot differentiate between a fallen tree and a wooden timber in your home.  When they nest in the walls of your home they hollow out the wood beams and weaken the structure of your home.  We can protect your home from Carpenter Ants.

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2. Wasp, Bee, Hornet Control

Many species of bees and wasps pollinate our flowers and food crops .  It is our job at Narragansett Pest Control to know which ones are damaging and which ones are beneficial and essential to life on earth.  We are certified bee keepers and we care about our honey bee populations.  However when yellow jackets or honey bees nest in the home they must be removed due to the costly damage they cause.  Call a company that knows how to handle these sensitive creatures.

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Welcome to Narragansett Pest Control

Narragansett Pest Control is a family run business that specializes in customer care and satisfaction.

For more than 40 years our safe IPM techniques, environmentally safe products, and services have protected Rhode Island families and property from the destruction of nuisance pests. Take a look at our services.

We Know South County

All pests are local! In our 40 years serving South County, we can save you time and money because we know the area. Don’t think national services can beat our local expertise!

Why We Are Different

Not only do we know South County, we actively recommend pest removal and avoidance practices that are in harmony with nature- not working against it. Our customers can feel the difference and so will you.

Our Expertise

We have a unique set of skills, experience, and expertise that make us the best choice for pest control services in Rhode Island.

  • Family Owned and Managed for over 30 years
  • Established business which means we are here when you need us
  • Store front in town, when you have a problem you talk to us directly
  • Licensed and Insured for your protection
  • RI,CT and MA Departments of Environmental Management Certified Business
  • RI Department of Fish and WIldlife Certified Business for Wildlife Control
  • RI Invasive Plant Management Certified
  • RI Registered Contractor
  • RI School IPM Specialist

In addition to our certifications we teach classes in Pest Management for local schools. We are members of the New England and National Pest Control Associations so we keep updated on lasted pest issues and control strategies. We love what we do and it shows in our work. Our mission is to provide professional control of pest problems in southern Rhode Island however, we also travel for consultation on pest management issues worldwide.