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Pests we see this Summer

1. Carpenter Ants and other ant species:  Little Black Ant


a. Carpenter Ants  can establish large nests in dead trees or in wood timbers of the house. They do not digest the wood so residents will often find sawdust in the area of an active nest. These are the most damaging insects we have seen in the area.  They are native insects and just doing their job, which is to turn a dead tree limb into dust.  They really do not know the difference between a dead tree and the wooden timbers of your home and will chew their way through the wood making their home. This is when Carpenter Ants become a problem in Rhode Island and in your home.  We treat many homes as a preventative treatment so ants do not nest in the home.  Once Carpenter Ants are nesting in the home, it is very difficult to find and eradicate the nest.

b. Odorous House Ants are black, small and feed on sweets, vegetables and fruits.  Heavy mulch around a structure attracts these ants and then they can easily enter homes when they crawl up the doorsteps or enter around window frames.

c. Pavement Ants are dark brown and often produce small mounds of soil at the entrance to their nests. They prefer greasy and protein foods and will enter homes in search of food or water. Heavy vegetation, sandy soils, mulch and leaf litter enable ants to hide and nest.  These ants can also be a nuisance around patios and swimming pools.


2. Mosquitoes and Ticks:  mosquito

We have been controlling mosquitoes for over 40 years for both homeowners and municipals.  We provide

surveillance for several towns eliminating breeding grounds in the salt marsh areas that will benefit all residents of the state.  Narragansett Pest Control had a Four Point Plan that will control biting pests that spread diseases.



3.Rodents are very active in Rhode Island right now! Many people think they are just a winter pest but they are active year round.    We service many home for rodents:  mice and rats.  Even if you have never seen a mouse in your home, they may be in your basement, attic or shed.   In fact, many lawnmowers that come to our sister company “All Outdoors Power Equipment”  need extermination in their lawnmower- from mice -before we can service the engine.    Not  many sheds are built to keep out mice with entry spaces larger than a #2 pencil.   Mice will chew up air filters and can damage engines when they nest in the engine area.  When mice get into your home they go for the heat or warmest spot in the house.  So a mice will enter at ground level, under a shingle or in a space not sealed, then they work their way through the walls following electrical and plumbing lines to get to a warm spot in your home.   Mice do not see well but have an acute sense of hearing and smell.  In fact they communicate through smell by leaving messages in their droppings.   Mice will  send messages to the rest of the family through their urine and droppings, telling the others where food and shelter is to be found.

If you suspect mice are getting in don’t wait we can help get rid of the current problem and start to exclude more from re-infesting.  Exclusion is a continuous task not just a one time job and often requires frequent inspections.

4.  Wildlife  are also abundant in South County now

Squirells Roof Access

Year-round rodents search out warm places to call their homes and sometimes even to expand their families (yes, that means babies!) and nobody wants a tenant that doesn’t pay rent!
Make sure that your home is properly sealed to keep those rodents outside.  They are pretty smart mammals and if there is the tiniest opening they will do their best to gnaw their way in!  This can result in costly damage to your home.
Make sure you take preventative measures  to keep those pesky rodents outside and not in your house!

We are licensed wildlife trappers and can safely remove animals from your home.  There are many species that are looking for a warm place to have their young.  Raccoons, Squirrels, Skunks, Possums, Woodchucks, and others.

Click here to read more about wildlife in south county, RI.

4.Bed Bug Inspection and Monitor Placement

Includes:Inspection of home to detect bedbugs, 2,000 sq feet

Bed bugs have invaded the US.   Customers may pick them up traveling, purchasing consignment furniture or clothing, riding the bus to work, or even in the classroom or movie theatre.   Bed bugs are not a sign of filth, in fact more affluent individuals find them when they travel frequently.  Let Narragansett Pest inspect your home, business and leave behind a monitor that works 24/7.

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