InspectionNarragansett Pest Control has always taken an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to solving pest problems. This is a method of controlling pests using the least toxic, or safest measures first, then progression to more intense methods. Our methods at each unique request include:

Inspection: involves looking around the property or site to determine extent of pest infestation. During the inspection we can determine the severity of the problem.
Evaluation: involves examining the options for controlling pests and selecting the best method based on each specific circumstances such as safety, long term effectiveness, or price.
Implementation: initial set up of pest control traps or preventative treatments to get pest problems under control.
Follow Up: rechecking properties to see that treatments are working and to determine what follow up will be required by Narragansett Pest Control and which would be required by homeowner to prevent pests from reinfestation.