Squirrels can be a major nuisance to homeowners; during breeding seasons, the squirrel population increases dramatically, often forcing them to invade homes to find food and shelter. Their incisor teeth make it possible for them to easily chew wood and other items you may have in your home. Once inside the home, homeowners have to worry about then destroying the wood framework, but they also have the irritation of listening to them scurry through the attic and their walls.

Narragansett Pest Control can help eradicate the problem. Do not allow them to stay in the house because they will chew wires in the attic; which can cause house fires, destroy soffit vents and defecate on the insulation making an unhealthy environment.  Often the first step for Narragansett Pest Control is visiting the home and evaluating the extent of the problem.

In Rhode Island there are 2 species of concern.  The flying squirrel and the grey squirrel.