Skunks usually inhabit foothills or brushy areas. However, skunks may reside near the home when a sufficient source of food is located. Often, fertile lawns with earthworms and grubs become attractive grounds for skunks to utilize.

All skunks are highly developed for defense and can spray their foul-smelling musk distances of up to 15 feet. Besides its overpowering odor, the musk can burn the eyes and cause momentary loss of vision.skunk

To eliminate a skunk problem the landscape will mostly likely need to be modified so that it is unattractive to the skunks. By eliminating protective cover, potential sites for dinning, and food sources skunks can be controlled.  Skunks are often attracted to yards that have grubs under the turf.  These are white immature insects that are preferred food source for skunks.  If skunks are digging up your lawn, check for grub activity and provide control on the lawn.  If they are nesting under a deck or shed, call Narragansett Pest Control to get rid of them because they spread rabies and are a health treat to humans and domestic pets.