Narragansett Pest Control has been providing Mosquito and Tick control for over 30 years, both with natural organic products like garlic, clove and citronella as well as with synthetics. We are not a brand new pop-up company seen in other communities.  Since many coastal towns hire Narragansett Pest Control for community mosquito managment, we are familiar where mosquitoes breed and hang out.

Female mosquitoes suck the blood of mammals, including humans, leaving an itchy wound. Mosquitoes are capable of passing diseases from one host organism to the next, including Eastern Equine Enchepalitis (EEE), Malaria, West Nile Virus, Yellow Fever, and various other types of encephalitis depending on the location of the species.

It is important to control mosquito population near your home so that you are sufficiently protected from disease. Chemical and non-chemical treatments are available. More often, non-chemical treatments are best because they tend to be permanent. These steps include looking around your property and removing water holding containers.  Any container that holds water for over a few days is capable of breeding mosquitoes.  Bird feeders, old tires, household items left ourdoors and many other artificial container make perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes.


Salt Marsh Mosquitoes breed in brackish water and are often very agressive biters in the summer months.  They hatch with high moon tides and can quickly invade coastal zones.  Narragansett Pest Control provides surveillance for many coastal towns in Rhode Island.  In this capacity we look for breeding areas and if possible develop Open Marsh Water Managment plans to restructure the tidal flow to reduce the breeding of this species.  Narragansett Pest Control also can provide aerial application to large areas of mosquito breeding habitat.

Additionally we can provide mosquito control for backyard events, weddings and corporate events.  Often in the summer nuisance and disease spreading mosquitoes can ruin an outdoor function. Narragansett Pest Control has the expertise and experience to treat large or small outdoor areas and eliminate the mosquito problem for the special event.