Honey Bee

The honeybee is covered with short, dense hair, usually golden-brown and black, and its abdomen is striped. Their compound eyes are very large and often have fine hairs between the tiny lenses of the eye. Translucent wings with special wing venation that distinguishes them from bumble bees.

Pollen baskets are made of specialized hairs and are located on the tibia of the hind legs. There are three types of honeybees in the colony: workers, drones, and the queen. The males feed pollen and feed the colony.  Their habitat is around flowers and flowering trees. The queen is responsible for reproduction. The drones are fertile male bees that mate with new queens. The workers are sterile females responsible for feeding the queen, maintaining the hive, gathering the pollen and nectar, and protecting the hive.  It is the female that has the power to sting.  Honeybee workers have a barbed stinger that becomes detached along with a venom sac after the sting. When honey bees nest inside structures they can be difficult to irradiate. We have the expertise to know which species need to be protected and which need to be destroyed.  The Narragansett Pest Control family are certified beekeepers and raise honey for sale.