Cockroach species

In Rhode Island we see many different cockroach species.  Each species will require different treatments.  The Wood Roach is common in wooded areas and will not generally breed indoors, so we do not generally provide control for them.  The most serious cockroach in homes, apartments and restaurants is the German Cockroach.  German Cockroaches are located world wide, wherever frost-free storage of food is provided: homes, processing plants, restaurants and breweries are common places.  They are rarely seen outdoors in Rhode Island.  They will eat similar foods to people and household pets so food sources for them are readily available.  They are also year-round pests and will look to invade numerous kinds of buildings throughout the year.  German cockroaches are the most important pests of restaurants since the health department requires establishments that serve food to the public to be free of cockroaches.   Often the health department will close a restaurant down if cockroaches are prevalent.

See the Health Department website for restaurants that have violations of this type.  Read what the inspectors found at your favorite restaurant at this website.







The American Cockroach is a larger insect than the german cockroach and is more commonly found around steam pipes that are found in older buildings.  American cockroach populations are not common in restaruants but can be found foraging in dining rooms. They are most commonly found in the outside environment breaking down organic matter.  Some towns in Rhode Island have an overabundance of American Cockroach and they migrate from stump dumps or decomposing vegetations to nearby homes.   Narragansett Pest Control is the expert and know the difference between different species of cockroach species.  Each type requires a different treament strategie.